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Dear Advent Friends:

As many of you know during my time at Advent I was the "unofficial" photographer of kickoffs, off-sites, parties and other events that were an integral part of the culture. Now that I am no longer working at Advent and am in the early stages of creating a professional photography business I gathered all the best shots from 2006 – 2015 and have placed them in a series of Archival Galleries on my web site at (Link:

If you worked at Advent during that time period, chances are likely that there are photos of you and your work pals and chums located somewhere within the 2000 pictures that make up a total of 9 galleries.

All the photos in these galleries can be downloaded by right-clicking and saving them to your computer. Those downloads are low-resolution 800x600 images. All the photos can be purchased in various sizes and paper types by clicking on the "Buy Photos" link. You can also purchase full resolution downloads that are sold with a personal license. Feel free to download as many of the low-res images that you want. I do ask that if you download a large number of images that you also consider purchasing some prints or high resolution downloads.

Please pass the link to the galleries to any of your friends and co-workers who might be interested.

I had a wonderful time during the almost 12 years I worked at Advent Software and these galleries were a labor of love that marks a period of my life where I made many friends, did challenging work, and learned a great deal about event photography. Enjoy! And feel free to contact me at or use the Contact link in the upper right of the web site.


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